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Jan 21, 2013 12:30pm EST
of america the publishers' trade show. this is about half an hour. >> bernice, who was scott bagley? >> well the sister of coretta scott king. >> and your mother. >> yes, my mother, so my aunt. he and my mother grew up in alabama together obviously and she later became a john notte professor. she founded the university in pennsylvania. so, a very lively woman. and unfortunately passed last year in june after completing the book. >> so this book is desert rose, the life and legacy of coretta scott king and the author is your aunt. when did she write this book? >> welcome it was a journey that began with my mother's request to write her story. at that time both of my parents were constantly being threatened she was confirmed she wouldn't be lost and wanted people to know she wasn't just the life of martin luther king jr. and mother of children but the role in the movement and very much an activist before she met martin luther king so from that angle as well as wanting to tell the story of the women in the movement because we don't hear a lot about the women in the civil rights movement. so 68
Jan 17, 2013 10:00am PST
in the rotunda to do so. this year's nen hall of fame inductee is bernice. [speaker not understood] to talk more about her contributions to the city. jen? (applause) >> hi, my name is jennifer banta and i am proud to nominate bernice beng to the nen hall of fame. bernice being was a visionary artist. she was born, raised, educated and worked in san francisco. * bing. she graduated from the first mfa class of the san francisco art institute in 1961. she was good friends with joan brown and jay de feo. shes what an integral part of the art scene in north beach. she was also part of the first argot lin artist's in residence program in 1967 and spent the better part of the '70s deeply devote today community arts and activism. she was part of the founding member of scrap, and she was involved with the neighborhood arts program during its insanction. -- inception. she went on to found the san francisco cultural arts center and she is the first director. i am excited to share with you i'm working with the asian american women artists association and film maker madelein limb to bring you the world of b
Jan 22, 2013 12:30am EST
very much. >> now bernice king the daughter of civil rights leader martin luther king jr. and coretta scott king discusses the recently published biography of her mother. desert rose the life and legacy of coretta scott king. she talked with booktv at bookexpo america publishing's annual trade show. this is about half an hour. >> bernice king who is edith scott dagley? >> guest: at edith scott bickley -- coretta scott king was the wife of martin luther king jr. -- cohost land your mother. >> guest: yes my mother so she was my aunt. she and my mother grew up in alabama together and she later became a drama professor. in fact she founded the drama department at the state university. she was a very lively woman and unfortunately passed last year in june. after completing this book. >> this book is desert rose the life and legacy of coretta scott king and the author is your aunt eva scott dagley? when did she write this book lacks. >> guest: well it was a journey that began with my mother's requested 1966 to write her story. at that time both of my parents were constantly being threaten
Jan 14, 2013 2:00am PST
coca-cola model named bernice. with her beauty and effortless charm, bernice turned out to be the perfect host to entertain the gangsters and guests who made the fountain bleu in its day. they lived in the hotel in a penthouse suite. then came along a young prince, ben novak, jr. ben jr. would be trotted out to shake the hands the likes of jfk, then it was back in the hotel elevator to home. birthday cakes came from room service. >> and the kids who came to the birthday party were complete strangers to him, just kids passing through the hotel. >> the friendliest lonely boy disliked by his father's help lost himself in the fantasy world of batman. the superhero became an obsession. even as an adult, ben jr. was still a massing a floor to ceiling collection of batman memorabilia. he even bought a batmobile from the old tv show. but there was no holding off the real world and change. just as the rat pack faded away, so, too, did the fountain bleu. by the late '70s, miami beach was regarded as a stale place for old people. ben novak, sr. lost the hotel to bankruptcy and died
Jan 7, 2013 6:30pm PST
for president obama, a dignified elderly 92 year old woman named bernice opened the door in my get out the vote identification, identified her supporting equality. and she looked at me and she looked at my official obama pen that said lgbt for obama and she looked at me with tears in her eyes and she said, our time has really come, hasn't it? we both cried. that moment with bernice takes some of the pain of this day away. on this day i always feel a heightened affinity with my uncle for this was that night 34 years ago that i had to first reflect on my own conversations with harvey. anyone who has had conversations with harvey will know, you cannot get away easy. and he didn't let me as a teenager get away easy either. i had to reflect about the meaning of those conversations. it was a day that i had to look hard at what his love and guidance would mean to me that that was gone, that i could only think of the words and the conversations that we had. my uncle was moved by all extraordinary heroes of authenticity that he would see, particularly when it wasn't pretty or easy for them. that is in m
Jan 22, 2013 11:30am PST
>> so bernice, can you accept d.j.'s baggage? >> you're a great guy, but i really need someone that will give me more time and someone that i can really love. and you have too much baggage right now for me. >> i'm sorry, d.j., but it is time to pack up and go. we didn't make a match. remember, love is a long journey. we'll see you next i'm. >> bernice, you are super beautiful. we could have made beautiful music together. but i still have the lord. >> sorry i rejected you, but i >> live from the kgo tv center this is abc7 news. >> new developments in the shooting of an undercover oakland police officer. police have detained one more but are looking if more after an intense manhunt last night. amy hollyfield is live at police headquarters with the latest. >> kristen, the police chief says the two men in custody are known to police here in this department. they are in a gang. one man was taken into custody last night shortly after the shooting around 6:30. the second man was not found until the overnight search done by the swat team. they do not necessity if they have the man who
Jan 21, 2013 4:00am PST
, how big will it get? we'll take you on a tour. and i'll speak to bernice king as the nation marks mlk day. that ahead. back in a moment. meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid. when you're carrying a lot of weight, c-max has a nice little trait, you see, c-max helps you load your freight, with its foot-activated lift gate. but that's not all you'll see, cause c-max also beats prius v, with better mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid. >>> welcome back, everybody. you are looking at the folks beginning come out on the mall on washington, d.c. a balmy 33 degrees. we're told it feels like 26 degrees here. the sun has come up. it will get a little warmer this morning. look at the folks out there. expected to see a crowded mall this morning. joined by mayor cory booker. kicking off his second term as leader of the free world. john berman, chief national correspondent john king with us also. and reporters blanketing washington, d.c., dana bash, christi paul, brianna keilar, and suzanne malveaux along the parade route. the turnout not expected to match the 1.8 million spect
Jan 20, 2013 2:00pm PST
daughter, bernice king, talked to our suzanne malveaux about that bible. >> mrs. obama will have the bible and pull it out for her husband to put his hand on. >> reporter: bernice king took the bible from the enclosed case at the king center to bring it to the president. she showed us its worn pages and her father's handwritten notes from 1954. >> i'm sure that this traveled with him as he left montgomery, 'cause i saw a monday date, he would leave on monday and fly back to boston. so he was studying and meditating. >> reporter: bernice king says the president's second term perhaps is even more important than the first. >> there's a lot of pain. >> absolutely. >> we went through a lot of tragedy last year, a lot of political divisiveness. and it's just time for that healing and reconciliation and daddy's, you know, work represented that. >> reporter: king says she believes president obama in trying to reunite the country is striking the right tone. >> co-have after the election, said how you like me now? you know what i'm saying? it is hard. some people can be sore losers, that is just the
Jan 23, 2013 5:30pm PST
madelein limb to bring you the world of bernice bing, a documentary we're working on now about her life and work and it's going to premiere in june of 2013. thank you so much for this honor. it's long overdue. (applause) (applause) >> good evening. it's an honor to accept this award on behalf of the bernice bing estate. thank you. (applause) ♪ ♪ ♪ >> again, congratulations. now we'd like to make a slight modification in our program this evening and we're going to be moving to the award for best merchant association of the year, the lower haight merchant association. i'd like to invite walking tours up and the mayor's office of economic development. our newest supervisor, supervisor london breed. let's give him a round of applause. (applause) ♪ ♪ >> hi, are you going to speak first or me? >> you, please. >> hi, everybody. i'm so happy to be here to celebrate this -- what is it, the neighborhood empowerment network awards. this is like the fifth year that this has happened and i remember just about two years ago when the divisadero corridor received the same award. so, it i
Jan 19, 2013 12:00am PST
today, elder bernice king. [applause] >> -- tavis: i want ask you about how you balance being a parent, being a mother, and being there for martin at the same time. i want ask you a question about why i am not married. there is a very simple answer. i am looking for a coretta scott king. when i find one, i will get married. [laughter] now that that is cleared up, my mama is watching one -- my mama is watching. >> let us all pray that he finds what he wants. tavis: my mama is doing that every day. tell me how you balance being a mother and all the fear and trepidation that came with being in harm's way because you were married to this man. how did you balance being there for him and, at the same time, being a mother? >> it was tough, i have to admit. when you make that commitment and you know what is most important -- the movement had an urgency about it. sometimes maybe i had to deal with the urgency. kids have urgency's -- urgencies, too. i tried to do as much as i could as a mother, individually, but i had to travel, the away from the kids. i left them with my parents, a babysitter,
Jan 4, 2013 6:00pm EST
at this picture of bernice calacko last seen new year's eve when she left her house along gunner's terrace. if you've seen her, please call police. >>> the man suspected of groping over a dozen women in fairfax county appears to have struck again. this most recent incident came last night. a 30-year-old woman said she was jogging along briarwood court near patriot drive when a man grabbed her. here's a sketch of the suspect. if police determine this one is connected, it would be no. 15. >>> a fairfax county judge is stopping attempts to regulate stormwater in fairfax county. the u.s. district judge says the environmental protection agency overstepped its bounds when it tried to restrict the runoff from the creek. attorney general ken cuccinelli says the ruling will save virginia taxpayers over $300 million. >>> they say old habits die hard and you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but those concepts today came together to save a woman inside a burning home in bowie. retired firefighter billy mills saw smoke as he was driving along route 301. he knew it was a house fire by the smell. so this 20-ye
Jan 19, 2013 7:00am PST
from his daughter bernice and find out why she says president obama's second term is actually even more important than the first one. >>> for 29-year-old pushp pushpa basnit, 2013 fleas begins on a high note. she was named cnn hero of the year for her work providing a home for children of incarcerated parents in nepal. i sat down with her after the big moment. how do you feel? you've just won. >> i think i'm dreaming. it's a big honor for me. i will never forget this night in my life. >> what was going through your mind when you were walking up on stage? >> we all are winners, definitely. i've seen my dream come true. thank you very much. i'm still -- definitely this is going to you out of the prison. you're coming to my place. [ applause ] ? >> this is for my children. thank you for everyone who believed in my dream. >> the kids call you -- >> mamu. >> what does that mean to you? >> it means a lot to me. the reality, i know i'm not the original mother. but i'm their so-called mother to give them a better life and better education. that's for sure. >> what was the inspiration? >> i'm re
Jan 19, 2013 6:00pm PST
. in the king bible, king noted the dates of sermons he had given. bernice king the youngest of his four children said it was his fawct's traveling bible. >> he used it to study and meditate, not just to speak and preach but just to prepare himself to be able to lead. >> reporter: in a video released by the inaugural committee, president obama calls the lincoln and king bibles a fitting choice. >> their actions, the movements they represented are the only reason that it's possible for me to be inaugurated. >> reporter: turns out that five other presidents have also used two bibles at their swearing in. typically one family wiebl and another of historical significance. eisenhower carter, and george h.w. bush all used george washington's inaugural bible which belonged to the first president's masonic lodge. jim. >> axelrod: bill, thanks very much. later, lance armstrong, manti te'o, and the risk of calling sports stars heroes. the air force band tuning up for the inauguration. and the housing market on the the rebound in a place where it had once been left for dead. those stories when the
Jan 21, 2013 12:00pm PST
is what makes us human. " it's amazing harvey wrote that when he was 21. for all the bernices, for all the malan rosas. for all the beloved us's that my uncle would talk about, for you, as my uncle would say, and you, and you, and you, our time has come. we will not stop until we have equality across the globe. and that is what tonight means. thank you so much. [cheering and applauding] >> thank you, stuart. that was spectacular. it really captured your uncle there. thank you. we're going to close with the san francisco gay men's chorus performing, singing for our lives. i had a couple of announcements. i hope you will all join us on the candle light march up to the castro. we have candles over here if people didn't bring them, so, you can pick them up at the start of our march. i also want to thank the san francisco police department who is going to help facilitate our march by closing blocks as we move up. so, they are going to be helping. and the chief is here, greg, you're out there someplace. (applause) >> thanks, there he is. thanks very much, fred. we love having a progressive p
Jan 25, 2013 7:00am PST
people who wanted to see and be seen. the family that owned the hotel were the novacks, ben and bernice, successful miami beach royalty. >> everybody wanted to see what mrs. #avack were wearing. >> reporter: but ben and bernice were not as charging as his famous parents. >> everybody was intimidated by him because he would fire house maids or valet people whoever he wanted to. >> he sounds like a tie rant. >> he was. he wasn't easy to like. >> reporter: flash forward to 2009 rngs a mysterious murder more than 1 2rkz 00 mile was in the suburb of rye brooke. >> when i first walked in it was an overwhelming scene. it was like my god, i can't believe this. >> benji novack the prodigal sunson and self-made millionaire was bludgeoned to death with his eyet cut out. >> he had these weights and started hitting him. >> who would go to such excessive lengths to inflict such injury? >> somebody with a cold heart, know they. >> reporter: he lived a lavish style and one of the world's largest batman memorabilia include a replica of the vehicle. >> he was brat. he want
Jan 19, 2013 3:00pm PST
the trends, if you will. one of the people i had a chance to talk to, bernice king, his youngest daughter, she talked about the importance of having the bible travel to the first family to be used on monday. so we'll roll that out, talk a little bit about what that means, and the connection between the obama family and king family. >> definitely looking forward to that. >> i love the bangs, don't you like them. >> wolf, we'll all have to rock the bangs, wolf, you start the trend. >> you know, i don't know if i can -- the two of you with the bangs. >> when you shave your beard, i'll get the bangs, okay. >> suzanne, you remember a few years ago we went to the awards, usher is coming up, you will like what he has to say. >> i like him. >> you like katy perry, far east movement? >> well, i like them all. >> get ready, the surprises. >> you see the one person that didn't get the invite to the soul train awards, this guy. >> we'll invite you. >> thanks. >> you can hang with us. >> the kids' inaugural concert coming up here on "the situation room." coming up, what will the president say in his i
Jan 21, 2013 2:00am PST
.m., corey booker at 7:00 a.m. along with senator john barrasso and bernice king will join us as well. we also have joaquin castro and also nick cannon. he's performing today for the inauguration. good morning to you. welcome to a special edition of "early start." it's 5:00 a.m. in the east. i'm zoraida sambolin. live here in washington, d.c. for the inauguration of president barack obama. some folks also gathering here. i will be joined by soledad o'brien and john berman who are still making their way through what is a solid wall of security here. so we begin with president obama making history again. publicly taking the oath of office on martin luther king day to begin his second term as the leader of the free world. it will be his second time taking the oath in 24 hours and his fourth time as president. >> so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. president. >> thank you mr. chief justice. thank you so much. thank you, sweetie. >> with the first lady and first daughters looking on, the president made good yesterday on a constitutional requirement that he be sworn in on january 20th. >> s
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Jan 21, 2013 4:00pm PST
rights leader, the reverend dr. martin luther king jr. his daughter, dr. bernice king spoke this morning during commemorative service at ebenezer baptist church in atlanta. here in d.c., the nation's first african-american president paused today at the statue of dr. king in the cap fall row it ungra dra. earlier he had taken the oath of office using two bibles. one of which belonged to the civil rights leader. the other belonged to president abraham lincoln. president obama made history today as the first president ever to speak about gay rights at an inauguration. and he did so by comparing the struggles of gay americans to what women and people of color have endured over the years. james rosen live in our d.c. newsroom with more on this. hey, james. >> shep, good evening. with this pivotal address president obama effectively positioned himself as more than just a president or chief executive. he appeared at time to be seizing the mantel of the civil rights leader whose birthday was observed as a federal holiday today. the reverend doctor martin luther king jr. >> we, the people, declar
Jan 19, 2013 11:00am PST
folks to participate in this day. and one of the people that you and i both know, bernice king, the youngest child of dr. martin luther king jr., she was able to show us the bible that is going to be used for the oath of office, one of the two bibles that's going to be used and the importance of mlk day, the day of service and the fact that it is happening on the same day as inauguration day. we had a chance to catch up with her in atlanta. i want you to take a look. >> mrs. obama will be -- will have the bible, and then, you know, pull it out for her husband to put his hand on. >> reporter: bernice king took her father's bible from its enclosed case at the king center to bring it to the president. she showed us its worn pages and her father's handwritten notes from 1954. >> i'm sure that this traveled with him as he left montgomery, because i saw a monday date, he would leave on monday and fly back to boston. so he was studying and medita meditating. >> bernice king says the president's second term perhaps is even more important than the first. >> and there's a lot of pain and
Jan 18, 2013 9:00am PST
with the reverend king's youngest child bernice king at the martin luther king center here in atlanta about her new children's book and how she thinks we should remember her father and his message. >> dr. king's work and his mission and his messages are important to the future of our nation. and although we have come a long way, we still have to finish the work of dr. king. this is the 50th anniversary year i have a dream speech. and so we thought it aprapo to put his words in print. so there are wonderful oil paintings throughout. very few people are able to capture him and i think he's done just a wonderful job here. >> what do you think is the most important thing you can do to serve your community on this day? >> what i think is most important is that you serve. you know, we know that the famous quote now, everybody can be great because anybody can serve. all you need is a heart full of grace and a soul generated by love. and so this day is an opportunity, every year for people to graduate. and what i mean by that is service is really about others. and we live in a very self-centered society, s
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 57 (some duplicates have been removed)